My heart hurts for you all, but we are rooting for you! You are so strong Heath and you CAN do this! We are just a few rooms down in W305 at CHW, our daughter is Charlotte, and she is also awaiting transplant. She is only 2 days younger than you! We took a walk tonight and we went past your room many times! If you guys ever need anyone to talk to, that understands what you're going through, you are always more than welcome to stop in Charlie's room to do so! Heath you are such a little warrior! 
Holly from PT was talking to us today about how 5/5 times that she has gone out of town for more than 3 days, one of the kiddos needing a heart has gotten one. I would love for our little Charlie to get one soon, we've been on the list for one month + one week now, but I pray so hard that you are her 6/6 and you get your heart. Charlie can her 7/7! 
Keep on fighting! 

Love and prayers,
The Stevenson Family

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