Good morning my little Heath Bar!
I hope you're having an extra good day today! Yesterday, your Uncle Q and I stopped to visit your mommy and daddy at your farm to deliver a very special gift (I'll let mommy tell you what it is) Anywho, I of course had to play with ALL of your puppies (Lily, Jazzy, Mac, Camo, and Sage) You aree going to love Camo and Sage! They are both completely different, Sage is a quiet lover and Camo is a energetic kisse, but I know they can't wait for you to come home so they can love all over you! 
I read that your tube might be getting moved soon, YEY! Now we all can see the toothless smile while your dreaming  I show EVERYONE pictures of you almost daily, I think your Uncle Q thinks I'm crazy but I just say I'm the proudest Auntie around! 
Stay strong and never stop fighting little man, you and your family have so many people in your corner fighting right along side of you! Hopefully once flu bug is done flying around I can come visit you but until then, I'll keep praying for you! 
We love you to the moon and back xoxo - Aunty Courtney

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