Hi buddy.. sounds like you had a pretty busy day.. I am glad you were alert and enjoyed your visits with your girlfriends... I am sure your are everyone’s favorite!! I haven’t meet you yet but count me in as one of them. I am a mom of 2.. my daughter Hailey had an early entry into the world.. she was born almost 6 weeks early.. spent just a few days in the hospital.. like your mom I had to go home without her.. which for us new moms is very scary.. I met your mom very briefly at the clinic and I think she is one of the strongest ladies I know.. my Hailey is now 25 and gets married next weekend.. my house is going to be busy this next week!! I promise I will give you and update on things.. my son Andy is 23.. he graduated from college and is hoping to get a job as a police officer.. when you are older I can make sure you get to turn on the sirens in his squad car!! I was happy to see you so alert today.. I am looking forward to meeting you some day as well.. nighty night !! May God Bless you... sally

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