Good morning our sweet little Heath! Glad to see you are still off the vent. Hopefully you can stay that way. It is so wonderful to see all the new things you have been able to do and that you can snuggle with your mom and dad much more often. It's neat to see that all of the shows you enjoy are also your cousin's favorites as well. You should also check out Sesame Street if you have not yet. It is Lily's favorite. Last night she some how turned on the TV by herself. Managed to get into the DVR and turn it on an episode of Sesame Street. Then I watched her hide the remote and look at me all innocent like she didn't touch it. I can't wait to hear you do things like this. I am sure you will. I have a feeling your heart gift is coming soon. I had a nice talk with your daddy last week and he says you much be the next in line for a heart. So, hopefully it will be any day now. Remember we love you and think about you all the time. Stay strong and keep fighting little man.
Keith, Angie, Ford & Lily

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