Hi there Heath! Reading your story brings back many memories of when my son Rece was born. He was also born with dilated cardiomyopathy. He was transported to CHW when he was 3 days old and received his new heart at 11 days old! He is 17 years old now and doing great! He plays football, wrestles and runs track (he also does pole vault). We have started looking at colleges as he prepares for his next big step in life. He wants to go to school for exercise physiology and would like to work in the cardiology department doing stress tests. When you get a little bigger you will meet Mike who does the stress tests at Children's and he helped Rece decide that is what he wants to do. Please tell your mommy and daddy to keep their heads up and take it one day at a time! You are in great hands at CHW and I know you will get that new heart soon and be able to live a new "normal" life! Sending lots of hugs and prayers from NE Wisconsin. {{hugs}}
The Sweere Family

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