Oh baby boy... You hold a place in so many hearts! You'll never know how many people are praying for you, who love you and who think about you so much. You are so strong and you've got so much support beside you as well! So HAPPY you are finally getting your heart! God has you in his hands and will take care of you through this surgery. God is so good but it all comes in His time. It is now His time and your time to thrive! You've been so strong with the Berlin heart and now you will be strong with your new heart. Praying for a fast recovery and praying for your donor's family. What a great gift they have given you. They are giving you life that is so much better than the life you've lived so far. I am so excited to see where life is going to take you. You are such a special little boy to us all. Hugs and love. God bless you

2R Brand LLC